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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Synopsis, Primal Scream

Primal Scream is quite a tricky anthology to summarize, so I decided to upload the eBook files and get all the compilations + product links sorted out first (then write out a proper summary for the collections later).

As of 12 August 2011, this is the summary/synopsis on the product pages of Primal Scream:


SUMMARY: jessINK is pleased to present the second (huge) erotic anthology by author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott.

Stories include taboo-themed material, factual fiction, and non-pornographic BDSM stories.

GENRE: Contemporary / Erotic Fiction (the focus is on psychosexual themes, not explicit graphic scenes).

LENGTH: 13 short stories + novelettes | 150,000 words

(followed by a table of contents of the 13 short story titles, and accompanying theme/s)

As of 13 August 2011 (time of this posting), I've decided to leave the synopsis as it is. I kind of like the non-gimmicky and to-the-point description of the advertising copy. It's pretty different from the synopsis for 4:Play (my first erotic anthology, published back in August 2009), but I think I'll try something different this time (since there are quite a few excerpts and reviews on the ever-evolving main jessINK website).

With the above synopsis, the two key phrases and/or key words that stand out (to me) were/are:

1) "non-pornographic BDSM"
2) "psychosexual"

If those can pique the interest of readers/customers, I think the synopsis is doing its job (which means I'm going to leave it as it is ;) -- though I'll certainly update this post if/when I change my mind!).

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