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Friday, August 12, 2011

Related Books / Textbooks

I recently received a friend request on Facebook, followed by an email sent out by the individual (first screenshot below, with the subject title, "Text books on the subject").

I'm not sure how Google's algorithms work (with regards to recommending "similar books"), but it was nice to see Wicked Lovely and Incestiable listed alongside the works of Anaïs Nin and Marquis de Sade (second screenshot below)!

1) "Text books on the subject"

2) "Similar Books"

I first read Anaïs Nin when I was sixteen. I thought Delta of Venus and Little Birds contained the most fantastic erotic short stories.

I'm glad I read her work at the time, because I think it truly "opened my mind/heart" and broadened my perspectives on the erotic life [both writing about it, and living it ;)].

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