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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here are some reviews for the 13 stories which feature in Primal Scream.

All reviews listed here are unsolicited.

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"[Ms. Scott] can weave a vivid tale of lust and love, bringing together lovers for casual sex or eternal devotion."
-- Traction_Bob / review on Fashion Icon

"I liked [Master & Servant] for many reasons, it was an easy read, and tastefully done."
-- JamieLBaker1 (22 May 2011) / B&N review

"a lot of stories with the 'bdsm' label focus heavily on the 'fetish wear' and 'd/s' labels--i liked [Master & Servant] as it handled the psyche and 'power play' with regards to bdsm in an original and non-gimmicky kind of way. 'bdsm' can be such an interesting topic that way, which was handled well by the author here--the writing was hot, intense, and very real."
-- hk82 (23 January 2011) / B&N review

"[Rockstar] is a sweet and well written short story about two guys who love each other but they're both waiting for the other to come around. One thing leads to another and it all comes out. There is a nice knife play scene that I enjoyed and both the leads are very likeable."
-- Miss Asima, 11 July 2011 /

"[Jess's writing is] raw [and] full of brio. It’s very contemporary. It has personality and energy. It deals with modern issues in a very modern way."
-- Joseph Grinton | "Don't Run Away From Sex"

"Wicked Lovely is a fantastic tale of forbidden love."
-- Author/Poet Dan Schwartz

"I love the fact that the writer is not scared of taboo subjects, I love to read and learn about different things, and I am very glad that there are authors out there like [Jess]."
-- melanie alexander (2010)

"I just finished reading Spinning Around, and I really enjoyed it. I absolutely love [step] father-daughter erotica...and I’m not sure why. Of course I must keep this secret to myself, as no one would understand. It’s probably safe to say that incest (including consensual), is hitting too close to home for many, so let’s not even acknowledge this topic: it’s too real. Please write more father-daughter stories!!!!!!!"
-- Sincerely, A Female Reader/Customer, 2011

"Dear Jess: I have a few of your pieces on my Nook and I caught my husband reading them the other day. He does not usually like erotica but did yours. He is very conservative, on the outside. He is slowly changing I think."
-- e-mail from a female reader, 2011

"I read [Jack in the Box], which I loved. I am looking forward to the other stories. You are not obscene as far as I can see. You write about emotion and you capture it and convey it beautifully. You have something very original and very contemporary."
-- customer email, March 2011 (from U.K.)

"I think anyone who has the guts to write good incest [taboo] erotica needs to be lauded. What inspired you to write on [this] theme?"
-- J. K. / Goodreads personal message, May 2011

"just read some of your stories on my kindle. nice work! first read i bought last night on kindle was your story Master & Servant...I need to check out the ones Amazon banned lol..."
-- GuitarTechGill_XXX / Twitter message, Aug 2011

"I must say your perspective is very unique and impressive.. A different style of writing but I like it.. I read like excerpts of [Primal Scream] from ur interview.."
-- R. Z. / Private Facebook text message, Aug 2011 (from Singapore)

"You are a DYNAMO!! I've perused through some of the short stories in Primal Scream. You've an incredible ability to tell an erotic story in a way that does not offend. . .your sense of humor is evident throughout."
-- P. J. / email / 15 Aug 2011

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